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Alert Conroe ISD Open - Monday, Sept. 23

All Conroe ISD campuses and offices will be open on Monday, Sept. 23, except for Caney Creek High School. Caney Creek High School will be closed for repairs on Monday, but is planned to open on Tuesday, Sept. 24. *** Tonight’s varsity football games will take place as scheduled. Campuses will communicate about any other planned events.

SciTech Explorations

Teacher with students at science fairstudents at science fair doing experiment.  Bradley students participated in SciTech by demonstrating sound energy.  Students observed when a tuning fork is struck then placed in water, how the vibrations make the water “jump”.  They also created noise makers by wrapping wax paper at the end of a toilet paper tube, then observing what happens when sound travels through the tube and hits the wax paper.  It was a huge success!